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A family storie...Again
A family storie...Again

Behind Les Mignoteries and their delicious biscuits hide two sisters attached to the same requirement of quality, authenticity ... and especially very greedy.

Chosen pieces
Isabelle :
  • Main character trait: persistant
  • Main defect: a light trend to the logorrhea
  • Favorite activity: see just above with a good coffee and biscuits ...
  • Favorite word:
  • Converses: "I adore speaking about nothing. It is the only domain where I have vague knowledge". Oscar Wilde
Claude-Emmanuelle :
  • Main character trait: optimist
  • Main defect: sense of the priorities personal
  • Favorite activity: gone hiking in the pampa
  • Favorite word: wanderlust
  • Converse: Yes..We got time alright.

In brief, you got it, it's story families.

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