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What are the different types of delivery proposed ?
  • Standard delivery :

You receive your packets under 72h to one week thanks to the ColiPoste service.

  • Delivery by road haulier :

is used in particular for the transport of bulky goods.

  • To come to look for at the shop :

This choice of delivery allows you to come to withdraw your packet directly in our shop.


We shall be free to select the way we deliver your order.

Calculation of shipping charges ?

Packaging and shipping charges depend on the items in your order and the country of delivery. We deliver anywhere in the world, and delivery countries are classified by zone.

Delivery charges depends of carriers so in consequence we could adjust it in order to keep pace of price increase.

To see how shipping charges are calculated, click here

Do you deliver to France’s overseas departments and territories ?

Yes, but delivery to the overseas departments and territories includes an additional charge compared to France proper. See the table of shipping charges.

How long does the delivery takes ?

For products in stock, it takes about 72 hours. However, sometimes certain items are out of stock. In this case please contact customer service for information on product availability. 

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