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Bread sticks with coarse Guérande sea salt

150g 4,80 32,00/KG 300g 8,50 28,33/KG 500g 13,10 26,20/KG

Available amount : 6118
  • Objective description

You will find none which look like the other one... But they will be all soooo good. You might like the all families :

  • Fennel and white sesame
  • Goat cheese and cumin
  • Black Olive and ...that's it
  • 100% natural ingredients

Wheat flour, dried yeast, olive oil, salt

  • Average nutritional value for 100g treats

Nutrional value: 322Kcal or 1347Kj

Fat: 2,5g // Carbs: 61,8g // Proteins: 8,9g // Salt: 8g

Suggestion in case of "acute culpability": run a 800 meters

  • Best before : the others (otherwise, it's 6 months)

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