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120g 4,80 40,00/KG 250g 9,00 36,00/KG 500g 16,80 33,60/KG

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  • Objective description

The only reason why my mother-in-law invites me on Sundays: to have her ration for her coffee, her tea, her infusion, her glass of water... In brief, have her ration of this very crunchy biscuit with a light taste of caramel.

  • 100% natural ingredients

Wheat flour, brown sugar, butter, almonds, vanilla sugar (sugar, vanilla beans), sodium bicarbonate

  • Average nutritional values for 100g treats

Nutrional values: 503,8Kcal or 2109Kj

Fat: 31,8g // Carbs: 45,4g // Proteins: 7,15g // Salt: 1,5mg

Suggestion in case of "acute culpability": to vacuum for 75 minutes

  • Best before : the others (otherwise, it's 6 months)

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